Vacature: (Senior) Data Engineers

At ICS we are at the very beginning of building an entire new Data Management & Analytics platform in the Azure Cloud.

Your team:

We are looking for multiple (Senior) Data Engineers to design, develop, implement and manage data solutions in line with the (future) needs of the customer / user. The tasks of our team are broad: developing and maintaining architectures, securely loading & storing data, designing & maintaining a data lake and DWH for our business analysts, and building data products in close collaboration with our data science team.

At ICS, data and data products are used enterprise wide - on operational, tactical and strategic level – for decision making, reporting, predicting, and process mining and -optimization. Therefore our environment supports many disciplines within ICS: analysts, data scientists, product/business owners, operations, data officers, as well as colleagues at ABN-AMRO.

As a data engineer you have a passion for working with data. You have an eye for technology, but you are also a discussion partner for those who depend on data.

Your working environment:

Our data engineering team is part of the Innovation & Technology  (I&T) department. I&T enables other departments of ICS to focus on their core task by providing innovative technology, modern working methods, clear guidelines, cool experiments, data and opportunities from our strategic partners.

Within I&T, data engineering is part of the Data & Analytics grid. We work closely with the data science team by designing and supporting their working environment, as well as building data products based on their insights & algorithms.

Organization-wide, we are responsible for collecting & storing data responsibly and securely, making it available to data users to support data-driven decision-making. Customer data, product data, business information: relevant data from all business units come together in our (yet to be built) Azure cloud environment.

Within our team we share enthusiasm about the latest tools, knowledge and help each other out.

On a team level, we are looking for experience in the following areas (on a personal level we do not expect you to have mastered all skills listed below):


  • Master’s/PhD degree in computer science, or a related field. 
  • Affinity with cloud technologies, we are using Microsoft Azure.
  • Knowledge of data lake/ warehouse patterns and methodologies. 
  • Experience with NoSql databases, for example Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, Influx DB. 
  • Experience with distributed computing technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Kafka.
  • Knowledge of container-based architectures / micro-services. 
  • Experience with Power BI integration in Azure stack including user support.
  • Knowledge of security best practices in architecture design and data protection.
  • Excellent programming and software engineering skills (e.g. Python and/or Scala)
  • Some experience in advanced analytics and modeling techniques such as regression, clustering, classification, natural language processing, time series methods is a pre. 
  • Experience in working in a scrum environment is a pre.


  • Design, build, and maintain our cloud infrastructure. We are starting with a clean slate in Azure. 
  • Manage and monitor data pipelines injecting into data lake & warehouse. 
  • Collaborate with- and support business analysts using our DWH, working from Power BI.
  • Communicate and safe-guard best practices, e.g. code reviews / testing / CICD.
  • Design and maintain working environment for the data science team.
  • Support data products by improving data pipelines, model deployment, performance monitoring, setting up API endpoints. This in close collaboration with the data science team. 
  • Advice-on and implement the tech stack required for business and analytical products. Explain concepts in an accessible manner.

ICS Mission:

Our mission; to become the safest and most reliable financial organization in the Netherlands. With over three million customers and a ton load of data you will turn insights and algorithms into data products to support this mission. We offer you an opportunity to make a real difference and to have a significant impact on the success of our mission.

Working on this new platform is a great way to build on your existing skill set, gain experiences in many functional areas, and take on a ton of responsibility. The challenges and opportunities evolve constantly which means you are forced to adopt new skills, take on new projects, and will never be bound by a dull, boring routine. You can strengthen your team-playing abilities as well as your self-sufficiency. You can expect to get a lot of exposure to the intricacies of the entire business operation. Get the most out of the experience and develop your skills by wearing many “hats” and making important decisions.

ICS strives to empower you to work where, when and how you choose – with maximum flexibility and minimum constraints – to optimize your performance and to do your best work. This is supported by a creative work environment that is designed to feed your creativity and tap into the right side of your brain. This environment evokes a lot of passion, every day you will be working with colleagues that share your positive energy and excitement. With teamwork comes team play! At ICS we are keen on building team relationships. You will have the opportunity to get to know your coworkers personally and bond with everyone on the team. Trade in your suit and tie for jeans and sneakers - or even sandals – and join a team where you can actually be yourself.

You should join ICS because it’s an unique experience to help build something and be part of its growth from the very beginning. This means living the high highs, low lows, and everything in between. Do you want to be involved in the design and development of an extensive cloud infrastructure from scratch? Then we are definitely looking for you.

We offer:

We offer you the freedom to work flexibly, get the best out of yourself, and develop your skills. We want to be a good employer for our employees: Besides good basic salary and flexible working hours, there are ample development opportunities and an additional arrangement on top of the CLA for Banks. This entitles you to a travel allowance, a holiday allowance, a thirteenth month and a Benefit Budget of 9%. We have a great atmosphere within our department with enthusiastic and driven colleagues. We are looking forward to your contribution!


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Sluit jouw profiel en motivatie aan bij de vacature? Dan is de procedure vaak als volgt:

  1. We nemen je motivatie en CV zorgvuldig door - Je krijgt zo spoedig mogelijk een uitnodiging voor gesprek of afwijzing (per e-mail).
  2. Wij zijn benieuwd naar jou! - De sollicitatieprocedure bestaat uit meerdere gespreksrondes (twee tot drie) met een of meerdere gesprekspartners. Onderdeel van de procedure is een capaciteiten- en persoonlijkheidstest.
  3. Ons aanbod - Wanneer de laatste gespreksronde positief is verlopen, nemen we contact met je op om het arbeidsvoorwaardenaanbod met je te bespreken.
  4. We doen een screening – Voordat je bij ons aan de slag gaat, zijn we verplicht om je, als onze toekomstige medewerker, te screenen op integriteit. We controleren onder meer je identiteit en burgerservicenummer (BSN), diploma’s en referenties. Ook vragen we je om een Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag. We houden ons daarbij aan de Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens. Zo blijven we als ICS een integere en betrouwbare organisatie. Deze screening wordt door Validata uitgevoerd.
  5. Ben jij onze nieuwe collega? – Als de screening positief is, kun je aan de slag! Welkom bij ICS.